CBD for workout recovery

Using CBD Post Workout

Dixie Botanicals offers a number of convenient methods for integrating a CBD supplement into your workout routine, allowing you to capitalize on the many restorative benefits of CBD. Whether going for your morning run, working with weights, or taking an especially hard class at the gym, chances are your body is thrown off balance due […]

taking medication with cbd

Does CBD React Adversely With Medication?

CBD hasn’t shown to react adversely with medication. Some evidence suggests that it may influence how your liver breaks down drugs. Whenever you’re on any medications, it’s always a good idea to consider potential drug interactions. While serious drug interactions have not been seen with CBD in combination with medications, in some cases CBD may […]

CBD oil for sale

7 Ways to Identify High Quality CBD Oil

You’ve done the research and decided to start a CBD oil regimen of your own, but with so many CBD oil brands available, how do you know which to pick? There are a number of different CBD oil brands on the market these days, and although Dixie Botanicals® was the originator of CBD oil products, […]

Here’s How CBD Oil May Improve Your Sleep

Does CBD oil make you sleep better at night? Here’s how it may and why you should care. Sleep is one of the body’s most important biological functions for everybody. For athletes, sleep is exceptionally crucial because it’s when the body heals and recovers most after intense training sessions and competitions. Many athletes and those […]

cbd oil benefits

What Nutrients are in CBD Oil?

While it’s the CBD content in hemp-derived CBD oil often gets most of the shine, the supplement also provides nutrients that can help ensure your body runs at its best. It’s likely that it’s the cannabidiol (CBD) in hemp-derived CBD supplements that initially compelled you to consider adding them into your health routine, but did […]